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Welcome, Ponds at Foxhollow Owners!

Here’s everything you need to manage your ownership! Login to access all your owner documents and account information.

Owner Login

To login you will need your Owner ID and password. Owner ID can be found on your statement or contact the resort if you need assistance. If this is your first time logging in, enter your Owner ID and click “Forgot Password” to set up your own, personal password.


Rental Release

If you will not be using or exchanging your unit, you may release it into our rental program. You may print the form to fax or mail or you can fill out the online form below.

Online Rental Release

If your unit is already in the rental pool and you wish to remove it, please fill out the rental termination form here. 

Interval Calendar

Get the dates of your next stay at Ponds at Foxhollow with the interval calendar!

View the Friday Interval Calendar
View the Saturday Interval Calendar

2017 Board of Directors Meetings

All owners are welcome to attend board meetings, but due to limited time and the need for a full agenda we ask that any owner wishing to attend notify Board President, Dave Wolf at 860-232-5092 or to give us at least 30 days notice so that we may add their topic to the agenda.

MAY  6
ANNUAL MEETING:  SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2017 at the Lenox Town Hall